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Create a Business Website

Written by David Dawkins

It is frequently said that everyone has a novel inside them, and the same thing could be said about the task to create a website – we all have something to tell, and it’s far more achievable to say it with a website than with a book.

Many individuals plainly never get round to it, assuming that they are not up to the job. In reality, the steps to create a website need not be a nightmare.

In this create a business website article I am going to unveil just how easy it can be to launch an on-line presence, beginning with registering a domain name and sourcing a hosting package, the task to create a website and generating pages then getting listed on search engines.

Main things foremost

There are innumerable reasons for setting up a website – to market a local school / club, to show family photos, to publicise a small company to market your products and services, or simply to have a bit of fun. Whatever the impulsion, planning, research and preparation are of the utmost importance if you are to avoid making potentially expensive mistakes. Even the most simplest of sites is going to involve a quantity of preparation, and there are a number of decisions to be made. A domain name is needed so people will be able to pay a visit to the site, a hosting package to store the files which constitute up the website, a tool to put together the pages, a FTP file transfer program to upload completed pages from your computer to your hosting package and once the whole thing is complete, you will require to find a way to let likely visitors be aware of of the site’s existence.

Looking through the listing of significant steps that require to be accomplished, it would be simple to consider that getting a site up and functional would be not only troublesome but expensive. Website building can prove to be lots easier, and unquestionably cheaper, that many people anticipate. Explore around for the suitable hosting bundle and it is probable to come across one which includes the hosting, templates, and on-line uploading tools required to administer the site files, for the fee of a domain name. Opting for such a bundle not only gets you started, but it keeps costs to a minimum, and it means that there is simply one company to contend with.

Whats within?

Having decided to create a website, one of the most vital processes to go through is working out what the site is going to contain. As well as thinking about the physical contents of the pages which the website will be made up from as this can serve to shape how the website will be put together and how folks will navigate it. Whether pages are to be designed from scratch, or based on templates, it is also a safe idea to sketch out a variety of page layout ideas. For this job, old-fashioned pencil and paper is the proper option as this makes it trouble-free to toy around with a quantity of ideas before moving onto creating a crude outline on the computer.

Although this stage possibly could seem to be unnecessary and tedious, in the long run it can spare a great deal of time. having an idea on how a site is going to pan out can speed up the actual work of putting together pages and it could also serve to specify the sort of hosting package which is required. For example, in the situation of a basic site comprising of text and images which are not going to be updated very often, a basic free hosting bundle such as those supplied by Internet service Providers (ISPs) may reasonably be sufficient. If it transpires that the site you have planned is going to require extra sophisticated features, even if these can be added to an ISPs hosting package, it may aptly be cheaper to search out a dedicated hosting package which includes these features as standard.

Using an ISPs hosting bundle might also lead to problems should you ever decide to change ISPs. Such free hosting packages typically have quite ugly domain names, often taking the form of their domain name then yourname or something equivalent. While any domain name can be redirected to steer to your web content, combined with the web space, and network bandwidth limits of most packages of this type, it is best to go to a dedicated hosting supplier.

Registering a Domain name

With an idea of just what the site is going to contain, it is time to sort out a hosting bundle and register a domain name. When buying a domain name, it is possible to do so from a business other than the one you are going to employ to host your site, but this does mean that you will have to manually configure the DNS domain name services address to target to the new hosting bundle. It is far easier to order the web hosting and domain name buy from the same place as this means that this potentially tricky configuration step is carried out automatically.

There are a few things to take into consideration when choosing a domain name – search engine traffic keywords, is the domain name available, and what domain address you should opt for. In most instances, selecting the style of UK domain name boils down to a selection between a address or a .com one (although it is viable to obtain both for the same site). However, there are also a number of other domains to select from such as,, .biz, and .net. Domain names including .uk are normally the cheapest, and they can be bought for two years at a time. Opt for another and the cost goes up. It is also viable to to choose to own a domain from anything within one and ten years.

Before setting you heart on a particular domain name, the most crucial step you should to do is buy a search engine traffic rich keyword loaded domain name, for your site theme, e.g. “Bulldog Puppy Training”. You have to make sure that the keywords has at least 27 search engine searches per day, to make sure that you receive sufficient visitor traffic to your site. This can be checked using loads of online without charge keywords tools from sites like Google or Wordtracker. If the keyword phrase “bulldog puppy training” has over 27 searches per day, then you next need to check to see if the domain name, or or etc is available. The search engines will only recognise the domain name for the URL keywords “bulldog puppy training”, or “bulldog puppy”, “puppy training”,  or “bulldog training”, but if you decided to purchase a domain name with, the search engines would only see bulldogpuppytraining, bulldogpuppy or bulldogtraining as URL keywords, and would not match any of the the keywords “puppy dog training” to this URL. Most folks make the error of designing and building a site without any thinking to search engine traffic, each of the keyword phrases needs to have enough traffic searches, so do not fall into this trap.

To ascertain that the domain name e.g. is still uncommitted, you have to to use a special tool, it is not enough to merely visit the address you are concerned in to see if there is a website there, as a domain might be registered and parked without a website having been associated with it, so a lack of pages should not be interpreted as an indication that a domain name is available.


Before choosing a hosting provider, it is worth putting the names of a few into a search engine, to understand what folks are saying about them on the internet. Every service has its detractors, but a comparatively high total of complaints should set off alarm bells. What you have to be looking for is a company that offers 100% risk free money back guarantees, if you are not pleased with their service and products.

For site beginners, a Starter hosting package deal for the price of a domain name, that includes a sufficient amount of web space, sufficient monthly bandwidth, email, spam filters, free software, all the essential tools that you would ever require in the future to promote and upgrade your site with help and support.

For businesses you must look for everything included in the Starter bundle, with more web space, and monthly network bandwidth for a small monthly amount. The Professional / Corporate web hosting package should include unlimited web space and network bandwidth, which possibly could be upgraded to a dedicated server package at a later date.

Controlling the website

With a hosting account arranged, a keyword rich domain name researched and purchased, every facet of your new website should be able to be controlled on-line using your hosting providers on-line hosting control panel. After you log into your control panel, several administrative tools will be available, to either progress your site using site builder template tools, or using one click installations for blogging sites such as WordPress. Working with either templates or one click installs is a fast and wonderful way to get a website online and live, without wasting too much time distressing about the nuts and bolts holding it together, but hand coding a new website can also be an good and an excellent learning experience.

Letting folks visit the website

Whatever type of site you have created, once it is finished and live on-line, the next step is to see that people can come across it. To get things started, word of mouth is one of the best ways to publicise a new website, but in the long term search engine submission is the road to go down. Sites can be manually submitted to the likes of Goggle and Yahoo, but many hosting providers have an automated submission tool which can be used to submit a website to multiple search engines in one fell swoop.

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) involves ensuring that a site has the right title, description and keywords associated with it as well as correctly formatted metatags which will be read by search engines. Again, SEO is something which your hosting provider can assist with, or it can be carried out manually. Get it right, and folks will be able to find your site with a search engine, helping to rise your traffic and sales.

E-mail Hosting

After putting together a site, it makes good sense to provide a way for visitors to get in touch, and email would seem to be the obvious choice. While it is feasible to just supply any email address to the Contact Us Page, things come across much more professional if the address takes the outline contact at

When buying web hosting, check to learn whether e-mail hosting is included or if it needs to be bought separately. It is repeatedly expected to establish as many user at mywebsite dot com addresses as required, but some providers place limits on numbers.

And ultimately

Having read through this create a website article you ought be armed with all the material you require to get started in the world of web building. Whether you want to create a website for personal use, to advertise a local club, business, or an on-line e-commerce shop, there are a number of options available. It really does not matter what your budget is, your level of knowledge or what you would like to start a site about. With so many options available, there is sure the correct hosting package that meets your needs and helps you to construct your own tiny corner of the Internet.

Datadean offers a Starter Hosting package that includes 200 MB of web space , more than enough to create a website for a WordPress blog, 1 Gb of network bandwidth, enough for approx. 5000 web-page visits a month, 5 email boxes with SPAM filters, 2 MySQL databases for blogs and e-commerce applications, Website Builder wizard, free and fast support, powerful control panel, 22, 500 free photos, and 75,000 free web art images all for the single price of a domain name from £3.69 per year.

Business and Professional web hosting packages for unlimited websites are also available from £1.32 per month, the Professional package at £3.96 per month includes unlimited web space, and network bandwidth.

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